I cannot express enough gratitude for all that Kathryn, Christina, and Amber have done to support my recovery. They make me feel valued and important every time I see them, something my eating disorder tries to convince me otherwise.  With their encouragement, I am facing fears and starting to make changes I did not think were possible.  Being vulnerable and allowing myself to feel emotions is a challenge for me, but I feel safe exploring them when I am with Kathryn, Christina, and Amber.  Their professionalism combined with their compassion is priceless.  - TH (client)

Working with Christina has been such a positive and encouraging experience.  My perspective on food and exercise has changed dramatically for the better!  Christina has a great rapport with her clients.  Her care and dedication are evident at every appointment.  - RM (client)

Kathryn and Christina pushed me and challenged me in my recovery, but most importantly they believed in me. They believed in my recovery and my ability to overcome my eating disorder when I did not believe in myself.  No matter what, I knew that they cared about me as a person, not just as a patient.  I credit them with saving my life and setting me free. - TS (client)

Kathryn, Christina, and Amber have made an indescribable impact on my life. Their passion for life and helping others see the beauty within themselves and within the world shine through daily. Kathryn believed in me when I didn’t think it was possible for me to recover, she taught me that recovery is possible with faith, hope and trust. Trust that this journey is worth the fight and that there is a greater plan for my life! I hope to touch the life of someone one day, like they have touched mine. - LM (client)

My team (Amber and Christina) at Reedy River Counseling Associates has been vital to my recovery journey.  Both my therapist and dietitian have cheered me on, given me the hard truth, as well as believed in me when it seemed like no one else did.  Their approach to counseling is superior not only because they rock at their job, but they genuinely care about their patients as well as each other.  I truly believe that if it were not for such a knowledgeable and determined team, I would not be where I am today - actively pursuing recovery and living a life where ED no longer has the reigns.  I can never thank them enough. - RT (client)

If you compare where I am now -- physically, mentally, spiritually -- to where I was when I started seeing Kathryn and Christina, it's kind of amazing. I'm happier, healthier and more present; I'm more capable of being honest with myself, knowing my limits and being comfortable in my own skin. How many women in our culture can even say that? I've heard that half the battle in therapy is finding the right therapist, and for me, Kathryn and Christina were a home run. -EC (client)

(In reference to therapist Amber DeGarmo) The road to recovery is not always a straight, perfectly mowed path lined with pretty tulips and daisies. The road to recovery looks more like this crazy spiraling path of dirt that goes in every which direction but (what seems like) straight. This road requires patience and love, understanding and acceptance, and a good cry or two. This road is not picked for you but picked by you, and when you pick recovery you pick life. I could not have found my way without you. Our sessions have been filled with truth, tears, and most important of all laughter. We went from daily sessions to monthly and all along the way I began to find myself. Find the person I wanted to become without ED, without depression, without self hatred. I began to love myself and live a life full of peace. I know life isn’t always easy, but with the skills you have given me I know I will be able to live life to the fullest. So thank you for all you’ve done. -RJ (client)

Amber is such a great support because in her office there is no such thing as too much information or any judging... words flow freely when I am with her... I thank her for always being there for me and not giving up on me even through my hardest times.- BH (client) 

My teenage daughter has been struggling with anorexia for over two years and since starting treatment with Amber and Christina, she has made leaps and bounds in her recovery. It is a long and tiring road, but they have helped us tremendously. Their patience, kind and reassuring words, and willingness to really work with us has made all the difference in her recovery. We have worked with other dietitians and therapists in the past, but Amber and Christina have, by far, been the most helpful. With their help and guidance, I am proud to say my daughter is now well on her way to being recovered from this terrible disease! -JP (mother of client)

Christina and I have been working together to maintain my recovery for several years now.  She has worked with me at every phase of my recovery so far-in triumphs and in struggles.  I've always felt safe to tell her about disordered thoughts and actions that have made me feel ashamed in the past.  Her non-judgmental approach to treatment has created a place where I have been able to open up and truly try to recover.  She has helped me more than I can say.  Through her compassion, problem-solving, recovery reminders, hand holding, and gentle pushing in the right direction, she and I have accomplished a lot together, and I'm not sure what my recovery would look like were it not for her care.  -EH (client) 

I am incredibly thankful for Myra and how much she has impacted my life in the past few years. I am now fully recovered from anorexia, and I owe so much of my progress to Myra. She never gave up on me and always challenged me to work harder. I appreciate that I can be completely transparent with her without feeling judged. Her honesty, genuineness, and humor make her a great therapist. Thanks to working with Myra, I am now living a healthy life and pursuing goals that seemed impossible a few years ago. I wholeheartedly recommend Myra to anyone struggling with an eating disorder or anxiety. Change is difficult, but Myra made it possible for me.